Clean Green Music Machine

the machine has four components



10. Engaging AND Educational.jpg


cgmm creates and produces

eco-themed experiences that activate children

created by an award-winning team

including hit-quality songs, musical productions, film and television content, festivals and concerts

all adaptable to different age groups, and to community, donor, and sponsor priorities

check out ‘Turn It Up‘


cgmm shares and teaches

Move over 'Shrek', 'Grease', and 'Fiddler on the Roof'...for schools, everything created by CGMM is royalty-free.

We also offer seminars, workshops, interactive classes, scripts, music, set designs, and more.

CGMM's goal is to have our eco-themed music and shows performed in schools everywhere. 


five year TOTAL REACH estimates


10,000 in-school engagements

5,000,000 kids in attendance


130,000,000 free social posts

4,000,000,000 impressions


download the eco challenges app

CGMM will provide an app that kids, parents, teachers, and community leaders will use to initiate earth-friendly eco challenges to others: 

  • watch and share eco content
  • send pokes, letters, and petitions 
  • support a cause
  • sustain a behavior:
    • take shorter showers
    • turn down the AC or the heat
    • take the stairs instead of the elevator
    • recycle more plastics


earn eco tokens

Using the app, kids and classrooms earn eco tokens for completing earth-friendly eco challenges. 

The eco tokens earned through the app are crowd-funded.

Funders can be impact investors, or anyone who wants to back an eco challenge (e.g.: mom, dad, etc.). 

Earned tokens remain locked [unusable] until they are invested. 

Kids create the world they want to live in by investing [donating] their tokens to a school, org, or cause of their choice.


Perpetual Impact

The app and token rely upon a decentralized protocol that is designed to perpetually power the machine. 

As tokens are invested, fractions are allocated to:

  • the eco content creators who activate children
  • the promoters of eco challenges (e.g.: artists)
  • the team who maintains the app and the protocol
  • the Clean Green Music Machine nonprofit


Measurable and Transparent

Impact, app engagement, token earnings, and token investments will be transparent and measurable for schools, teachers, kids, eco-orgs, eco causes, and impact investors.

impact projections

over 5 years • partial sample below • full summary in excel